A group of seven photographers met early in 2009 to talk about setting up a permanent gallery for photographic work in North Staffordshire. We had a generous offer of permanent exhibition space from Burslem School of Art on the basis that we manage the exhibition space ourselves.

This was an important first step to setting up a wider group to encourage the development of photography in N Staffs. Each of the initial members was clear that they wanted to develop something more ambitious than a photographic or camera club – something that would meet the needs of professional, as well as amateur photographers.

The first exhibition gave members of the Collective an opportunity to try out the exhibition space, and to meet other people who might want to become more actively involved in the group.  Since then until February 2016 we had continuous exhibitions including:

  • annual Open exhibitions
  • annual Members exhibitions
  • Urban Vision competitions annually for 4 years
  • exhibitions of photographs taken for commissioned projects we have worked on
  • exhibitions by community groups
  • individual photographers shows

We have regular photowalks and workshops, and in 2016 set up our current project the Photowalks Network.

In future years we hope to develop an annual or bi-annual festival of photography, in partnership with other venues and organisations.

We plan to apply for funding to provide other resources, training and other activities.

If you are interested in becoming a member then please get in touch by email for further information – photocns@gmail.com


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