Tony Jones

  • Pinhole images made over the last couple of years –

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May 2013 in the PCNS calendar – this was taken in a specialist ice-cream cafe in Warsaw, Poland, May 2012

  • ice creamAbout Tony Jones

I’ve been taking photographs on and off since the age of twelve, owning a variety of cameras, simple and complex, over the years (Coronet 127, Ilford Sportsman, Halina 35x, Olympus Trip 35, Zenith E, Praktika, Canon AE1, Olympus XA2, Ricoh XD7 amongst others) – I also had a darkroom in the ’70s.

I came to digital photography in early 2000 and felt an instant sense of freedom when loosed from the bonds of film –

  • no more waiting too see if the shot turned out
  • no more waiting for processing (sometimes forever if I lost the film)
  • no more feeling reluctant to experiment

Film has many good points (especially its latitude) and I continue to use it, but digital has given me the space to grow as a photographer.

I have for several years been exploring indistinctness and ambiguity in my work, and regularly make images using a Lensbaby and pinholes/zone plates.

Having retired because of health problems, I now work as a photographer, especially on community and participatory arts projects. I also work as a digital photography trainer and lecturer.

I currently use a wide range of formats from 5″x4″, 120 and 35mm film to Nikon DX and CX (Nikon 1) formats. My camera of choice these days is a Nikon V1. I set up my own darkroom (once again) in 2011 after a hiatus of 36 years. I dislike Photoshop – an example of ‘bloatware’ if ever there was one – I have used Adobe Lightroom since its very early days.


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